Electronic Components Shortage

There are shortages and long lead times in the Electronic Components Industry and the problems are not going away anytime soon.  Experts are reporting that this will continue through 2022.  There are many causes of this:

  • Silicon Wafer Production Behind Demand
  • COVID-19 Production Slow Downs
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • The Internet of Things
Supply Demand Curve for Shortages
Counterfeit Avoidance

Companies like Intel, Samsung, SK Hynix, and Toshiba/WD have all reported plans to increase production capacity over the next two years, but that is further down the road and won't help today's market.  We are already seeing the following:

  • Constrained Product
  • Extended Lead-Times
  • Increase in Prices
  • Production Lines Down
  • Increase in Counterfeit Components

What are you going to do when you are faced with these situations? 

What if you are threatened with a redesign or line-down situation which costs thousands of dollars? 

Who are you going to turn to when your current supplier cannot deliver? 

Purchase with Confidence with CTrends, your Trusted Supplier of Electronic Components.

No Matter What Stage Your Project Is In, CTrends Can Help!

Trusted Supplier

CTrends' Distribution & Procurement

CTrends' calculated approach to providing reliable service:

  • 40+ Years of Purchasing Experience
  • Unparalleled Access to a Global Network of Suppliers
  • Access to Unpublished Component Part Lists
  • Franchise and Authorized Components from Manufacturer
  • Vetting of Suppliers
  • Members of ERAI and GIDEP

CTrends' Risk Mitigation

CTrends Risk Mitigation

CTrends is committed to providing you high quality parts per your flow down requirements.  We are DFARS Compliant and conducts detailed inspections before shipping components to you with one of three certifications:

  • Original Manufacturer Certification
  • Detailed Certificate of Analysis
  • CSC (Customer Self-Certification)

CTrends has Industry Leading Standards, Certifications, and Counterfeit Part Risk Mitigation Practices:

  • On-Site Risk Mitigation Laboratory
  • Lab Vetted by the DLA (Defense Logistics Agency)
  • Industry Leading Test Equipment
  • IDEA ICE-3000 Inspectors
  • Detailed Certificate of Analysis

CTrends' Industry Leading Certifications

CTrends leads in its participation with industry standards with certifications, memberships and alliances.  Uniform processes and standards provide risk mitigation at all levels of the supply chain.  CTrends' proactive conformity with industry practices and certifications ensures competency in the supply chain process. 

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