CTrends is proud to offer Samsung Solid State Drives (SSDs) and Dual In-Line Memory Modules (DIMMs).

Our prices are very competitive compared to other Tier 1, 2, or even 3 products. 


To take advantage of CTrends competitive pricing on SSDs and DIMMs, simply enter your request for quote, or call us at 1.877.472.9050.

Here is a list of some HOT items ready to ship:

Part Number                          Category
MZNLN1T0HMLH-00000      1.0TB SATA3
M393A2G40EB1-CPB0Q     16GB DDR4 RDIMM
M386B4G70DM0-CMA         32GB DDR3 LRDIMM
M386B4G70DM0-YK0          32GB DDR3 LRDIMM
M386A4G40DM0-CPB         32GB DDR4 LRDIMM
M393A4K40BB1-CRC          32GB DDR4 RDIMM
M393A5143DB0-CRC00      4GB DDR4 RDIMM
M471A5143EB0-CPB           4GB DDR4 SODIMM
M386A8K40BM2-CTD70      64GB DDR4 LRDIMM
M393B1G73EB0-CMA         8GB DDR3 RDIMM
M378B1G73EB0-CK0          8GB DDR3 UDIMM
M393A1G40DB0-CPB         8GB DDR4 RDIMM
MZ7KM960HAHP-00005     960GB SATA3

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